Naga Chaitanya: Don't Want To Do Only Fan-pleasing Films

Wed Sep 22 2021 15:32:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Naga Chaitanya is currently awaiting the release of Love Story which is gearing up for theatrical release on the 24th of this month. Chaitanya has been actively promoting the film for the past few days and he is giving interviews to select media outlets. In his latest interaction with media, Chaitanya said he doesn't want to do only fan-pleasing films and came up with a valid reason to back up his comment.

"It is true that I enjoy a loyal fan base, thanks to the good work put up by my father and grandfather. They worked tirelessly to deliver good films and that is the reason why they amassed such a humongous follower base. I feel privileged to enjoy such a wide follower base. One of the main reasons ANR garu and Nagarjuna garu could amass such a humongous follower base is because they acted in a variety of films right from the early stages of their career. They picked up peculiar subjects that offered something new to the viewers at that point in time. I too have to do the same. I want to try out new subjects that offer something new to my audience," he said.

Chaitanya says he receives multiple requests pertaining to the kind of films he should be doing, be it mass films, or class films. "I receive several inputs from all quarters. There is a constant notion that I should do films that cater to my fans. But I don't want to do only fan-pleasing films as that would make me stereotypical. I want to constantly experiment around and challenge the actor in me," he said.

Chaitanya further added that he plays an antagonist in his maiden web series that will be directed by Vikram K Kumar. "I play the antagonist in the series and it has a very peculiar storyline. I was thrilled after listening to the script penned by Vikram. I am excited about this project. I don't think that a script such as this one caters to theatrical audience. This is the luxury OTT provides us with. We can experiment around and play characters that we cant play in theatrical films," he said.