Nagababu's Comments On Filmmaking Goes Viral!

Tue Feb 07 2023 15:04:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Mega brother Nagababu claims that movie making has become nothing but a business. Responding to a few critics who are bashing the movie production, Nagababu said that everyone is trying to get commercial success through films and it has become the sole reason for movie production lately.

Any comment made by Nagababu is going viral in recent times. He is playing a key role in his brother Pawan Kalyan's Janasena party. He said that he is doing everything possible to strength the party as a vital member. He claimed in an interview that he is not at all interested in contesting for an MLA position in the upcoming elections. He even made some comments regarding violence and other issues in movies these days.

Responding to people who criticise showcasing of violence, Nagababu said that they should remember the presence of a censor board that looks after every minute detail. He opined that the board members will make sure that there is nothing controversial in the movie before its release. A lot of people are commenting on these statements from Nagababu by saying that movie making is a business and there is no need to look at the values and morals.

Nagababu is currently working on a couple of movies as a character artist and is actively involved in politics. His son Varun Tej Konidela is a crazy hero in Tollywood who is currently working on two interesting projects.