Nagababu Makes Another Tweet & Who Did He Aim It At?

Thu Aug 06 2020 11:09:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mega brother Naga Babu is an actor and producer from the past few decades but he ended up getting popularity as a comedy show judge. He is very active on social media and makes some sensational comments on politics and films regularly. He is very aggressive usually but he seems to have calmed down a bit recently.

He has his own Youtube channel whose name was changed from 'Naa Channel Naa Istham' to 'Maa Channel Maa Istham'. He will be introducing some young talent through Allu Aravind's 'Aha' with a new stand up comedy show called 'Whistle'. He recently shared an interesting thing that happened in his house in the form of a video. He titled the video as 'Vishwasam Leni Kukka' which is raising doubts about who he targeted.

In this video, he said that dogs are always trustworthy and claimed that he loves dogs since his childhood. He shared that they have a pet dog called Piku from 2016 and he barks on any new person that enters the house. He added that he always thought that Piku can be trusted and will protect us at all costs but his recent act shocked Nagababu.

Apparently, Nagababu's wife is scared of snakes and Nagababu planned to prank her with a rubber snake. When he played the prank, the dog too ran away into another room along with his wife Padma. He said that this incident made him believe that dogs are also humans and they should be protected.