Maa Elections: Nagababu Reveals Reason Behind Resignation

Tue Oct 12 2021 08:28:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

The other day, Nagababu resigned from MAA membership after the candidate strengthened by him and his family, Prakash Raj lost the election. He said MAA is operating on the grounds of regionalism and he can't stand it anymore.

Today, Nagababu shared a lengthy letter through which he disclosed the reason why he has opted to step away from MAA and tender his resignation. He had a few harsh words against MAA members and also the recent elections verdict. He seems visibly upset with Prakash Raj's defeat.

" Dear MAA Association,
I am the one human who was always admired the vivid and bias less nature of our Association where we welcomed the Artists from many Cultures and Regions, made them one of our own and gave them a new Home far away from Home* called MAA*.
This is one of the many prominent and primary reasons I contested for the Presidential role of esteemed MAA in the Past. But to my Surprise there was a Drastic and Disgusting shift in the evolution of our Members of Association both as Artists & Humans. This election was just a Revelation to Many like Me that how Biased and Partisan Our Association is driven by the Forces of Regionalism and Narrow Mindedness under the influences of Muscle & Money, members of our Association stooped themselves to a new low of murky and somber depths. This is paramount of the reasons which made Me realise that its high time I depart from this Association of Stereo types, Hypocrites & Dismal Jimmies. Hence, its inevitable that I say Goodbye to this Association which is Evolving inversely by digging their
own Graves for Decimation on the pretext of Region & Religion. I will always stand by people like Prakashraj who is a man of Honour, Soltitude and posess unshaken will power to fight for whichever and whatever the cause he stand for I
I dont Regret the Past Circumstances
But Just scared of the future of this Association, A
Beware !I!
Adios to All _.
Asta la Vista." Nagababu wrote on his official social media handles.