Mega Brother Nagababu Fires On China!

Wed Jun 03 2020 18:40:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mega brother Nagababu who was a producer once and turned into a small screen judge is a very active person on social media. He expresses his opinion on all kinds of issues and he is the news quite often these days.

He often tweets about various issues or posts videos which are becoming viral now. He recently supported Godse which got a lot of attention and then he commented on pictures on the currency notes. He even responded to Balakrishna's comments through a video that went viral and raised a huge controversy.

Now he started firing on China, he advised Indians to ban China products and applications and said that China wants to occupy India which is why we have to ban everything imported from China. He says that they are earning huge amount of money because of Indian customers. He states that we can develop our nation with all this money and should not support a country that is trying to occupy us. His tweets are getting a lot of attention and there is a certain truth behind these tweets.