Nag Dialogues Are Touchy..

Wed Oct 18 2017 16:20:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Akkineni Nagarjuna is undoubtedly the king of Tollywood. Regardless of the age factor, Nag is doing movies and impressing all kinds of audience. If he likes the story he don't care whether it is a small budget or high budget one. Nag always stands first in encouraging the talented artists and impresses the audience with his experimental roles.

Horror comedy Raju Gari gadhi 2 in which Nagarjuna played a vital role hit the silverscreens recently. It is a known fact that the female fan following of Nagarjuna is high. On this some lady fans have recently met Nagarjuna and admired him for his acting in the movie. They stated that Samantha's role is also nice and her dialogues are really heart touching.

Nag claimed that he always respect ladies and will try to do message oriented movies for the youth and teenagers. He stated that whenever a girl's MMS gets leaked he used to become sad thinking about that girl's situation and said that such incidents should stop. The dialogue writer Abburi Ravi also did his best in writing Nag's dialogues. Nag even took some selfies with some ladies and spent some time happily.