Nag Accepts That Officer Is A Bad Experiment

Sun Sep 23 2018 13:54:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Even though directly no hero or director imply that they did a mistake when they agree and do a movie that fails, they do indirectly accept it. Nagarjuna Akkineni always an exception to such things.

He gave an apology to his fans and audiences, when Bhai released within a week and with Manam, he came back strongly.

After Officer though he did not come out and promote the film as much he did it pre-release after the verdict was out with first show. His next and first multi-starrer with a young hero like Nani, Devadas is releasing on 27th September. So, he talked about Officer too.

He said, "I like working with new people as they come up with new ideas and new techniques. It is a risky affair to do that on a consistent basis, so we have to take good and bad in same manner.

I did several experiments and few worked and many failed. I take both equally and don't think too much. It always creates much stress and fuss about nothing.

Filmmaking is a creative and innovative business, we need to be new and take risks. I did Manam and Bhai at the same time. Now, I did Devadas and Officer at the same time too.

Devadas could be a big hit and Officer is a bad experiment. But that shouldn't stop me from trying next time. I believe in that," concluded Nagarjuna.