Nagarjuna's Beer Spot In Annapurna Studio

Thu Aug 09 2018 19:04:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Akkineni Nagarjuna revealed an untold fact while showering praises on Team of 'Goodachari' during the success meet. 'I was told that 17 days of 'Goodachari' shoot happened at Annapurna Studios. I knew every nook n corner in Annapurna Studios as I'm here for the past 30 years. Couldn't find any of the locations of our Studio while watching the movie. When I was young, I used to secretly take a beer bottle with me to the forest-like location in the studio and consume it to ensure Dad doesn't knew about my habit. 'Goodachari' Team choose such a location and showed the studio in a completely different manner to Me. ANR would have been very happy about it if he is alive Today,' he commented.  

Tollywood King was all praise for the Fight Masters who made their debut with 'Goodachari'. The Two Stuntmen who hail from Rajahmundry has created World-class Stuff.

Nagarjuna appreciated the Cameraman who captured wonderful locations in Himachal Pradesh. He wondered how such a great output was delivered with very minimal budget.