Nandamuri Family Taking Mega Family's Unwanted Route?

Sun Jul 31 2022 12:04:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is no secret that Telugu states are land for the crazy fans who don't shy away to go to any extent to show their love towards their matinee idol. Earlier, we have seen how a fan of a hero brutally killed a fan of another hero after fans of two heroes had an intense argument on which hero is best between the two.

Though the stars in the industry tried their level best in making the fans understand that they are friends with other heroes, there is no change in the unwanted behavior of the fans. Forget about issues with other heroes, these days fans of the same compound are trying to fight with each other.

The recently held pre-release event of Nandamuri Kalyanram's much-awaited Bimbisara saw the unwanted visuals of Nandamuri fans raising slogans for Nandamuri Balakrishna and Young Tiger Jr NTR.

While Nandamuri Balakrishna fans stole the show with "Jai Balayya" slogans, NTR fans hit back by raising CM CM slogans. This is not a good trend for the film industry and the Nandamuri family as well. It is known that Nandamuri fans are divided into Balayya Babu and NTR fans.

On many occasions, the alleged rift between the two fan groups has popped up. Yet again, we got to see the rift among the fans of one of the illustrious families in the industry.

Unfortunately, the Nandamuri family is not the only industry to suffer from the cracks among the fans. Earlier, the mighty Mega family faced such issues, Whenever any Mega film event happens, Pawan Kalyan fans raise Pawan Kalyan slogans. A few events turned problematic with the slogans.

The issue reached a point that Icon star Allu Arjun faced the heat from Pawan fans when he refused to say Pawan Kalyan's name in one of his film events. Recently, the mega family reportedly came together for a crucial meeting to extend wholesome support to Pawan Kalyan in the polls.

Surprisingly, the mega family reportedly did not take Allu Arjun's name during the meeting. It appears like the Nandamuri family is going in the wanted path in the mega family traveled. No one knows how worse the situation might turn.