Nandamuri Stalwart's Film Career In Doldrums!

Tue Apr 28 2020 14:12:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Out of all the senior stars, Balayya is facing the Box Office crisis a bit higher. Considering his track record of the recently released films of Balayya like 'Jai Simha', 'NTR Biopic franchise', the results at the Box Office are not at all in favour of the star actor.

The latest report says that Balayya fans are also not at all showing interest on their favourite star's film. The reason is obvious- The outdated stories and the action saviour dramas have irked his fans big time and thus their interest diminished full time.

Balayya is now doing a film with Boyapati and the story set in this combo is easily predictable. If the movie flops at the Box Office then it will be a serious issue for the career of this Nandamuri stalwart.

Not only his career he has the heroine crisis too. Considering his physique, fitness and hot attitude on the sets, actresses generally acting alongside him are running away! No heroine has dared to share screen space with Balayya now.

Director Boyapati Srinu disclosed in an Interview that he chose two new actresses to feature alongside Balayya. We will wait for a good occasion now and reveal the names ended the Director.

If this crisis continues like this for Balayya, Fans are worried that their star has become outdated for heroines and routine content and has to get back the charm in him or  it is better for this senior actor to stop acting and enjoy more meaningful character roles like Amitabh Bachchan few fans opined!