Nani Is Making Waves With His Aggression!

Thu Feb 20 2020 10:06:40 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

He is also not taking his time in choosing the script too. He is asking the young directors who come to him, to take 3-4 months to complete their scripts and start production as soon as possible.

If they need more time, he is going with another director's film who has a bound script ready and then taking up the director's film. He is doing same with Rahul Sankritiyan say the sources.

As his Ninnu Kori director, Shiva Nirvana completed his script for Tuck Jagadish before Rahul, he took it on sets along with V The Movie and it will release on 3rd July.

In May or June, Rahul's film for Sithara Entertainments will start regular shoot and it could release in December this year.

Regardless to the result of HIT movie, he will also continue production, it seems. HIT with Viswak Sen as lead will release on 28th February and it is the first film in a three or four film franchise, it seems.

He even green lit Awe-2 with Prashanth Varma but the film won't take off until the young director is ready with full script. Looks like Nani is set to make waves with his calculated aggression.