Isn't Nani Confident About Gang Leader's Success?

Fri Sep 13 2019 16:26:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

After scoring a super hit with Jersey earlier this year, Natural Star Nani has come up with his new release within a gap of five months. His latest film Gang Leader, which is directed by Manam fame Vikram K Kumar, has hit the screens all over today. On the occasion of film's release, Nani shared a post this morning.

He tweeted, "Super hit ayithey lepandi otherwise don’t disturb. #GangLeader is all yours. Hope you all love it. Mee Pencil Parthasarathy." This is quite an unusual tweet and hints various conclusions to the reader. Many are opining that Nani didn't have confidence in the film's success and that is the reason why he posted this tricky tweet.

Is Nani really skeptical about the movie's success? His statement proves his low confidence levels in the movie. Did he anticipate the film's result long back? All these questions will be definitely raised after reading his tweet. Anyways, the film's result will be out by this evening and we have to see how Nani reacts after that.