Naresh's Third Wife Creates Havoc At Pavitra's Hotel Room!

Sun Jul 03 2022 18:20:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ever since the news came out regarding the alleged relationship between senior artists Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh, problems started to arise with Naresh's third wife Ramya. Things took an ugly turn recently as Ramya reportedly created huge havoc at Pavitra Lokesh's hotel room in Mysore.

Sources from the spot reveal that Ramya even tried to slap Pavitra with her chappal but the onlookers took her away from the actress and did their best to stop the fight. While Ramya claims that she is still Naresh's wife, the senior actor said that he already sent a divorce notice. Ramya accused Naresh and Pavitra of tying the knot already while Pavitra Lokesh released a video where she made it clear that she is not married to Naresh yet and asked people not to believe in Ramya's accusations.

Ramya made some serious allegations on Naresh stating that he is a womanizer and had a relationship with Pavitra in secret while they are still married. On the flipside, Naresh claims that Ramya is a cheater and a fraud. On the whole, this fiasco has gone viral on the internet and people who love gossip are eager to know what really happened and what happens in the coming days.