Natakam Seems To Be Next RX100

Tue Sep 18 2018 15:30:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

RX100 and Arjun Reddy have opened the market for small films with different treatment and young actors.

Natakam, one of the many small independent films is looking for a release and it's business is going on at jet speed now.

The movie made on a moderate budget has been bought for Rs.1.5 crores by Suresh Reddy and Co. Recently, they bought U-Turn and re-sold it's rights to make good profits.

Similar strategy is being applied by them for this movie too. They are aming to make more than Rs.2 crores and close to Rs. 3 crores, it seems.

The movie has to make more than 4 crores share for all parties to see profits. Similarly, even RGV company film, Bhairava Geetha got Rs. 3.5 crores offer from Abhishek Pictures.

Seems like producers and distributors are ready to gamble on small yet different films again! Hope new talent will get their due.