National Media Claims To Have Found Deepika's Chat With KWAN Bosses!

Fri Sep 25 2020 18:46:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Popular media network Republic is claiming to have accessed details of a WhatsApp group that was formed by Jaya Saha, Deepika's manager Karishma, Deepika herself along with KWAN co-founders Anirban Das Blah and Vijay Subrahmaniam.

The KWAN company is under the scanner from the past couple of days as they were allegedly supplying drugs to stars via their employees. As per sources, the group's name is 'DP+KA+KWAN' in which Deepika is rumoured to Deepika Padukone, KA stands for Karishma and KWAN is the talent management company.

The national media claims that chats which involving 'Maal', 'Hash' and others were found in this chat group. Apparently, the sources claim that KWAN supplied drugs to Deepika's manager or Deepika herself. This news is spreading across the film circles like wildfire but the official confirmation is yet to come out.

Deepika is going to be questioned by the officials tomorrow and this news coming out now is looking not so coincidental. While they are mere rumors as of now, we need to wait and see what happens.