Nayantara Did What Never Does For Katrina!

Tue Oct 22 2019 22:22:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Katrina Kaif is launching her own beauty line, Kay by Katrina and she is trying to bring entire Indian Film Fraternity to help her promote the brand.

Since, it is about ladies beauty products, she tried to bring all the models and actresses from various places to complete promotions.

From South India, she asked Nayantara to help her out and normally, Nayantara stays away from endorsements.

She is more interested in films and doesn't want to promote beauty products at all. But for Katrina, she decided to go ahead and shoot for brand launch.

Katrina thanked for her kind gesture and said that she was pleased to see Nayantara making time off her busy schedule just for the shoot.

Nayantara did not say anything but her beau Vignesh Shivn thanked Katrina for all the special treatment she bestowed upon Nayantara.