Netflix Uses Mahesh Babu's Dialogue In An Epic Way

Sun Jul 25 2021 11:57:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

OTT giant, Netflix has been facing stern criticism from for using improper Telugu to tweet about their regional content. Last week, the OTT platform's South Indian Twitter handle tweeted 'Playlist Cheyandi Maja Chestama' is grammatically incorrect.

After a whole lot of criticism, Netflix South handle mended their way and came up with an epic reply.

'Netflix India South ane nenu, ee handle admin ga, naa kartavyalanu shraddhatoh anthakaranashuddhitoh nirvahisthanani pramaanam chesthunnanu. It's a promise,' Netflix South India handle tweeted.

As everyone know's this is a famous dialogue from Mahesh Babu's Bharath Ane Nenu. Now, Netflix is using this dialogue to promise they would be more sincere while tweeting in Telugu henceforth.

This tweet is going viral on social media now and Telugu people on Twitter are in love with it.