Nidhhi Agerwal pocked big bucks for Hero?

Sun Jan 16 2022 14:51:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Young glamour doll Nidhhi Agerwal is game for starring alongside debutantes. She did the same for Ashok Galla's debut film, Hero, which hit the silver screens on the 15th of this month.

We often see actresses charging big bucks if they are to act alongside young debutantes. Well, Nidhhi is no exception to the same. She has pocketed big bucks for starring in the action drama alongside Ashok.

Apparently, Nidhhi was paid a whopping Rs 1.5 crore for starring in Hero. This is the highest remuneration she was paid for a film to date. This is a largely lucrative deal indeed and Nidhhi has made the most out of the same.

Nidhhi is happy about her paycheck. The actress has also apparently played an author backed role in the film.

Hero is an action comedy featuring Ashok Galla and Nidhhi Agerwal in the lead roels. The film is directed by Sriram Adittya.