Niharika's Husband Reacts To The Case Against Him!

Thu Aug 05 2021 18:20:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mega brother Nagababu's son-in-law Chaitanya Jonnalagadda has been in the news today for his tussle with his residential apartment members. Chaitanya and the apartment members had their differences but it went far that both the parties filed police complaints on each other.

The apartment members accused Chaitanya of troubling the people in apartment by bringing large groups of people into the apartment especially during the time of coronavirus and when there is a possibility of third wave spreading around. They filed a complaint on him at the Jubilee Hills police station. Niharika and Chaitanya rented a flat in the apartments which were located between Film Nagar and Sheikpet. This issue went viral instantly and responding to that, Chaitanya released a video explaining his side of the story.

He stated, "They did rent a flat for office purposes with the permission of the owner. But the apartment association had objected that we are using the flat for commercial activities. So we informed the flat owner that we would be vacating the place very soon. But on August 2nd, a group of nearly 25 to 30 people stormed into the flat and created ruckus. I wasn't there in the flat but my staff informed me about this and so I have lodged a police complaint against the group. Later the same group lodged a counter complaint against me."

He added, "I have agreed to vacate the flat and so withdrew the case and so did the group from the housing society. It was a clear case of miscommunication." He asked the media not to spread fake news as it is him who filed a police case first but not the other way around.