Nithya Scripting In Lockdown Times

Mon Apr 06 2020 13:07:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Amid Coronavirus pandemic, people are coming up with several creative ideas to keep them busy in the lockdown period.  While several actors are busy in toning their bodies, others are using this time to finish their pending books and scripts.

Dazzling actress Nithya Menon is also in this list. She is using her newfound free time to finish the scripts that she started.

What Nithya said about penning the scripts is "WIth the lockdown everything around me was quiet and calm. I am developing scripts and story ideas that I have long churned in my mind. It was difficult for me to get to that so far, because my work was taking up my time. Right now, I am loving the open-endedness of the situation. It is so beautiful and uncertain. It makes me feel free. I am learning a new language, new music and songs and also doing yoga every day."

Nithya said the necessity of being in lockdown as the virus is spreading quickly from people to people. "A lot of us are getting the free time that we always craved. If you aren’t directly affected by the disease, I think you should feel blessed and be positive. We can use this time to slow down, stay inside, look into ourselves and get in touch with our emotions. Embrace this time. You may get something beautiful out of it," Nithya said.