No Buzz On Mahesh Babu's Movie With Adavi Sesh!

Sat Mar 28 2020 19:08:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

After delivering some super hits like 'Kshanam', 'Goodachari' and 'Yevaru', one would expect Adivi Sesh's next film is having a good buzz around it. On top of it, this film is being produced by none other than superstar Mahesh Babu himself. A film backed by Mahesh should have a lot of hype which is not the case with this 'Major'.

Sources say that Adivi Sesh made a deal with Namrata Shirodkar that he would finish the film in 9 crores and took the package. Going by Sesh's track record, he will be giving good output even with a lesser budget. So, there is no concern about the budget but the real problem is that people are not talking anything about this film. The makers are awfully silent over this flick. Even Mahesh Babu did not tweet about this film apart from announcing it.

Though Adivi Sesh scored back-to-back hits, he is not a hero who can bring people to theatres with just his name. So, the makers have to start giving updates on a regular basis and bring some hype on this film. If not, there is a chance that the film may end up in losses. Hope Mahesh Babu and the team realize this as early as possible