No Films For This Talented Director!

Wed Oct 09 2019 12:47:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Commercial success is the best way to get noticed in film industry. No matter how much artistic your film is, if you want to have a chance at directing big heroes, you need make a film that mints money. If you don't, you are left with no offers in your bag.

Talented director Deva Katta stands as the best example. This director who made his debut with successful film like 'Vennela' is currently finding it hard to convince heroes for his next.

Post 'Vennela', he made 'Prasthanam' which was highly-acclaimed and won many awards. After that, it was a steep slope for Katta. His films 'Autonagar Surya' and 'Dynamite' were disasters and were huge setbacks in his career. He then went to Bollywood for remaking his own 'Prasthaanam' with Sanjay Dutt and it went unnoticed.

HEe reportedly convinced Sai Dharam Tej with a story line but with 'Prasthaanam' failing, Sai put Deva Katta on hold and announced another film 'Solo Bathuke So Better'. Now, Deva Katta is back to square one where he needs to go around the offices of heroes and producers to make a film. Tough luck!