No Tensions For Puri Regarding 'Liger'!

Sun Jul 31 2022 10:41:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is no other director in Tollywood who scored back-to-back flops for years and bounced back with a blockbuster several times in their career like Puri Jagannadh. The dynamic and dashing filmmaker is known for his rapid speed of completing the shootings which make the producers very happy. No matter how tough the schedules are, he completes the film within the given schedule and on time. He even delivers a decent film at the end which is why most of his movies do not end up in heavy losses.

But his 'Liger' has been on the sets for a long time and it is the biggest film in his career. The trailer raised the expectations and sources say that Puri is not taking any tension regarding the film's verdict. As per sources, it is Puri and his banner who invested all the money and Karan Johar is just the presenter. The budget shot up due to the pandemic and they erected two sets in Mumbai in which most of the shooting was done. A few key portions were also shot in the USA. Reports suggest that the non-theatrical rights of 'Liger' have already fetched nearly 100 crores which is quite profitable for Puri & his team.

Apparently, both Puri and Vijay would take a share in profits as they took minimal remunerations. Karan will be taking the money derived from Hindi theatrical rights. Since most of the investment is already recovered through the non-theatrical rights, whatever the film does in theatres will be a bonus for the team. If 'Liger' manages to get a positive talk, it will be a highly profitable venture and this is the reason why Puri is reportedly not so stressed about the film. 'Liger' is releasing worldwide on August 25th in multiple languages.