November looks too lacklustre at Box Office!

Sun Nov 24 2019 10:26:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

November has become slightly important month with delayed medium budget movies or the movies that don't want to clash with biggies releasing during this month.

Several holidays also helped us see few wide releases in recent years. Generally, movies that don't have any financial backing or that stay long in the cans waiting to see the light of the day, get cleared as some exhibitors and distributors tend to pay the producers on percentage basis hoping for rents recovery and minimal occupancies at theatres to keep them running.

And there is a hope against the hope that there could be one film that finds attention of the people most. This November, such miracle hasn't happened yet.

Yedu Chepala Katha made lots of noise before release but movie just got first day fulls and from the second day, the theatres were deserted.

George Reddy with lot of buzz failed to grab audiences eye even on the first day. Lack of popular audio and any promotions resulted below par openings.

Even Srinivas Redde, the director whose last well known film, Damarukham scored the highest share ever in November, failed to deliver at least a critical hit with Eesha Rebba's Ragala 24 Ghantallo.

Vishal's Action, Jyothika's Jackpot, Vijay Sethupathi brought no profits to ailing dubbing market either.

Tippara Meesam and Tenali Ramakrishna added to the list of flops of Sree Vishnu & Sandeep Kishan, respectively. Vijay Devarakonda's maiden production, Meeku Mathrame Cheptha ended up as a failure too.

29th November could see 10 releases with Nikhil's long delayed Arjun Suravaram and Dhanush & Gautham Menon's Thoota, which was in the cans for three years due to financial troubles as big releases.

Palasa 1978, Sita On the Road are also waiting to confirm their release on 29th November as theaters allocation is still not complete.

Well, let's see if the penultimate day of the month can prove to be successful at least in 2019 to round off a very disappointing month with some redemption.