OTT Platforms Deceiving Telugu Filmmakers!

Sun Mar 29 2020 15:34:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

OTT platforms have become a part of life in recent days. These OTT platforms are providing endless entertainment to the users with a fresh and juicy content. It also became a venue for the movie makers to stay in touch with the best movies of other languages.

Up to the audience, these platforms are a great source of entertainment, but when it comes to the Telugu Producers these are misguiding them.

When a producer came to know about a movie of other languages which is streaming widely on the OTT platform, he is rushing to buy its remake rights. Unfortunately, these kinds of movies are failing at the box office, leaving loss to the producers.

The reason for this is they do not fit into our nativity. Many films work in digital but not in theatres. So, the producers have to be very careful while picking a movie from the digital platforms, or else they might end up in loses.