Only One Objection For Married Couple's Divorce!

Sat Jan 29 2022 19:08:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

The film industry has been witnessing a lot of celebrity couples getting divorced lately. Stars who people thought would never get separated are calling it quits on their relationship which is shocking everyone. The reports claiming the divorce of a legendary Telugu heros daughter and his husband have been doing rounds in social media. The younger daughter of this big star hero was married for the second time and the couple looked quite happy.

The husband entered the film industry and he is working as a hero in two projects right now. The divorce is almost confirmed between the young couple. The legendary Telugu star too accepted their decision but it is the stars wife who is against the divorce as per sources.

If rumors are to be believed the big heros wife is objecting to their decision and trying hard to patch up the couple. As no mother wants her kids marriage life to end abruptly the big heros wife too is doing all she can to settle the issues of her younger daughter. We need to see if her efforts work out or go in vain.