Oscars 2023 Records Best Viewership Since 2020!

Tue Mar 14 2023 17:10:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The much-awaited Oscars ceremony concluded recently. The 95th edition of the Academy Awards was held at the iconic Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Movie lovers across the globe eagerly waited for the ceremony. Unlike every year, Indians showed interest in watching the ceremony with multiple nominations from India.

The recent Oscars became a big hit in terms of viewers as the award recorded the highest viewership since 2020. The ABC channel which telecast the Oscars said that around 18.7 million viewers watched the award. This is the highest since the past two years. Compared to the previous year, the viewership increased by around 12 percent.

In 2020 Oscars earned around 23.6 million viewers. After a dip in 2021, the viewership increased by 12 percent. Since 2014, the viewership of the Oscars awards has been coming down regularly as per the data.

This time Oscars were high on entertainment as RRR's Naatu Naatu song was performed on the stage. A few dancers also shook their legs for the song. Very rarely do we see an Indian song getting such a response. Indians cannot forget the loudest cheer the crowd gave when presenter Deepika Padukone took the name of RRR and Naatu Naatu.

The previous edition of the Oscars was in the edition with the infamous fight between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Will Smith slapping Rock on the stage became a big sensation and Smith was banned from Oscars nominations.

At the recent Oscars, India had a big win by winning Oscars for RRR and The Elephant Whisperers documentary. As another big thing, Deepika Padukone was one of the presenters at the awards and she gave a lovely intro for RRR.