Parents Divorce? SDT Handles It With Dignity!

Tue Apr 23 2019 14:51:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Not many knew that Sai Dharam Tej's Mother is a divorcee. For the first time ever, The Young Hero was asked about it openly in an interview and he handled the situation in a dignified manner.

Sai Dharam Tej: 'My Parents got separated due to differences and I respect their decision. It happened 15 years ago when I was studying 10th Class. We have moved on..!'.

Asked if he is still in touch with his Father, Tej replied: 'Ya! I don't say our relation is like wow but we maintain a cordial approach. I don't take any career advises from him as he doesn't belong to the Film Industry. Never did we felt the impact of divorce because Mom took good care of me and my brother'.

Tej revealed his Mother got married again to a Doctor in the year 2011 and he respects her decision as companionship is a must. He also certified his Step-Father, who is a doctor of care hospital, as a good-hearted person.