All Powerstar Fans Want To See #PSPK28 First

Sun Feb 02 2020 10:37:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

From the 1st February morning, Pawan Kalyan fans are back on social media targetting other hero fans and having friendly wars about box office.

They got their dream combination and hence, they are happy about it. Only directors who could make hit films with Pawan Kalyan are Harish Shankar and Trivikram Srinivas from 2002 - 2020. Pawan himself failed make a hit film for himself.

Even Trivikram Srinivas failed third time with Agnyathavasi  but Harish Shankar never got a second chance after Gabbar Singh.

Now, even though there are two films before Harish's film, fans are eager to only see #PSPK28. In fact, if there is a time travel machine, they want to jump to the release date of the film and see if it will be their another Gabbar Singh or not.

Pink remake - PSPK26 might have elevations but they want an active Pawan Kalyan on screen, which they believe is possible only with Harish's writing at this point of time.

While some are circumspect and want Pawan to give his full to politics or films, some are happy that films will keep in public eye in some or the other way, for a better performance in 2024.