Pawan Kalyan To Attend Another Pre-release Event Now?

Thu Oct 07 2021 19:23:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan sparked a sensation of sorts with his political speech at the pre-release event of Sai Dharam Tej's Republic. As we had reported earlier, speaking at the event Pawan said "It is high time that each and every one of us (Tollywood fraternity) speak against the oppression of the state government. Chiranjeevi recently requested the government. He is a good person at heart and that is the reason why he requested rather than demanding. Those in power will not listen if we request them. They will bow down only if we raise our voice for our rights. How can the government of Andhra Pradesh look to poke its hand into a private investment body like the Telugu cinema industry? The government is planning to set up an online cinema ticketing portal just to pool in the financial resources and then approach banks in search of loans. This is all a big schematic implementation and the Telugu cinema industry should be aware of the same. " This speech went viral on social media and it irked the government of Andhra Pradesh in so many more ways than one.

Now, Pawan Kalyan might be attending another pre-release event very soon. Apparently, the makers of Maha Samudram, who announced that the film's pre-release event will be held on the 9th of this month are inviting Pawan Kalyan for the pre-release event of the film. they are hopeful that Pawan will accept their request and attend the pre-release event. If that turns to reality, we might be witnessing Pawan Kalyan's speech all over again but it remains to be seen if Pawan will be making political comments this time around as well. Tollywood will be hoping he sticks to Maha Samudram as any further provocations on the Andhra Pradesh government will do a world of bad to the Telugu film industry as a whole.

It would be really interesting to see if Pawan Kalyan will actually attend Maha Samudram event. If he does, his speech will be keenly monitored by the Tollywood fraternity. On the flip side, Pawan's presence at the event will add a whole lot more zest and anticipation to it.