Power Star Hugely Affected With Covid Crisis?

Mon Aug 03 2020 16:00:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

We are well aware that Power star Pawan Kalyan is making re-entry to the silver screen with Vakeel Saab. He is also making a period movie with director Krish. If the Coronavirus never exists, he would have started a film under Harish Shankar direction as well.

But with the sudden outbreak, Vakeel Saab shooting came to a grinding halt, and with this, Pawan's date has been wasted. Therefore, he needs to allot more dates for Krish to finish the biggest project. The planning of Pawan's films is likely to change completely as the virus looks set to remain the same throughout this year.

With this, all the projects that Pawan Kalyan has already agreed will be completed by next year. However, the talk is that Pawan has no plans to make films in 2022. Though there was a positive response from Pawan Dolly's direction, now he may not even make that movie. The inside talk is that Pawan is no longer likely to respond positively to new films. Only time can tell this.