Plagiarism Issue Of Agnathavasi Is Settled

Sat Jan 06 2018 15:07:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Agnathavasi is the much-awaited upcoming movie of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. The movie got involved in a plagiarism controvery recently. Some claimed that Agnathavasi is a copy of French Film Largo Winch and T-Series company who already owned the remake rights of the movie sent legal notices to Agnathavasi makers.

After so many speculations and rumors, sources claim that the agreement between Agnathavasi makers and T-Series management has been amicably closed. It was proved that director Trivikram has not took the entire plotline of Largo Winch but just wrote some scenes inspired by some scenes in the movie. Agnathavasi is a high-budget venture and will also be dubbed and telecasted on Hindi channels which makes the T-Series company to lose a lot. Hence the company demanded compensation from the makers who have agreed to it. Just when the producers are all set to start the promotional events, the entire controversy has came out as a shock for them.

Before this, the makers have been enjoying the pre-release profits. However, they are glad the issue is solved before going to the court and the T-Series company have realised that Agnathavasi is not an exact copy of Largo Winch. The movie unit of Agnathavasi is now planning for the promotions. They yet have to release the theatrical trailer of the movie.