23 Years For Pawan In TFI! Will He Make A Comeback?

Fri Oct 11 2019 13:42:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Power star Pawan Kalyan! Uttering this word alone makes his fans go wild. The unprecedented craze of this man is what makes him unique. Pawan Kalyan completed 23 years in the film industry today. 'Akkada Abbayi Ikkada Ammayi' released on 11th October 1996 and introduced Pawan Kalyan to us. Though he wasn't interested in films then, he gave it his all and grew as a Power star who could create opening records just with his name.

He stood as an inspiration to his fans both personally and professionally with his dedication. He just made 25 films in a career spanning of 23 years. This is very low compared to his competitors. He recently quit films and joined politics hoping to bring a change in the society. As politics is a completely different ball game compared to movies, he couldn't win the elections but decided to stay there and question the wrongdoings of the government.

But his fans are hoping that they could get a glimpse of their matinee idol once again on the silver screen. Even Chiranjeevi said that 'Konidela Pro' is willing to produce the film is Pawan decides to comeback. Apart from Charan, many other producers and directors are waiting for his re-entry. But the real question is, What does pawan Kalyan want?