Payal Ghosh alleges attack by masked men,develops injuries!

Tue Sep 21 2021 19:18:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bollywood actress Payal Ghosh, who was familiar to Tollywood audiences with NTR starrer Oosaravelli had made sensational claims saying that she was subjected to attack by masked men in Mumbai. She released a video on Instagram on the issue.

The actress said she was surrounded by masked men while was on her way to get into her car. Alleging that she was attacked by a rod, Payal Ghosh said that the attackers were carrying a bottle filled with a liquid and she thinks the liquid might be acid.

According to the actress, the incident took place yesterday when the actress was about to sit in her seat in her vehicle after buying a few medicines. Masked men entered the scene and attacked her. Luckily I had managed to get out of the situation with a small injury, Payal Ghosh said.

In the video that was shared on her Instagram account, Payal Ghosh said, the masked men tried to track her with a rod, but she barely escaped the track. In her attempt to escape from being hit with a rod, she sustained an injury. Payal said, due to the injury, she couldn’t sleep at night due to the pain.

The actress went on to say that the masked men fled from the scene after she started to shout. Calling this the first kind of situation she faced in Mumbai, Payal Ghosh said she will move the Police Station in this regard.

Earlier, she was in the headlines with her sensational allegations against Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. Joining the Me Too movement, Payal Ghosh accused Anurag Kashyap of harassing her sexually.