Payal Rajput Is Handling Her Fame Cleverly!

Wed May 22 2019 15:51:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

TFI sources say that heroines always make unrealistic demands and hence when they fizzle out of fame, not even their friends from Industry care about them.

But few actresses seem to have good relations with everyone and some maintain very friendly and cordial relationship even though they don't have to. Payal Rajput, RX100 fame is proving to be one such person.

She has high demand among youth today and she can charge a bomb to appear even in a special song for any film. But the actress is highly careful on scripts she chooses, it seems.

She is patient with any director, no matter how big or small they are and giving her feedback to some, so that she can hear from them again, it seems.

Also, she is demanding reasonable hikes and reasonable prices to attend events and inaugurate malls, it seems. She wants to keep a good rapport with all the people around him as she doesn't want to loose everything in a jiffy that she worked so hard for, it seems.

She realised human connections are more important than money and that is commendable, one must say.