Pic Talk: Payal Rajput creates sensation

Mon Nov 29 2021 21:40:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actress Payal Rajput became an overnight sensation in Telugu Cinema with her raunchy act as Indu in the film RX100.

The actress has been sharing hot photos and videos on her social media profiles ever since, giving her fans more reasons to follow her.

She did few films in Telugu after RX100 but none of them clicked at box office. Only Venky Mama managed to be profitable but that did not help her.

The actress has created a sensation with nip-slip video going viral on internet now. She went inner wear less for a photoshoot wearing only a blazer and during the shoot, the accidental nip slip happened.

People are dropping their jaws looking at her go confident with the photoshoot without trying to be too embarrassed. She seems to have gone ultra bold these days.