People Wrote That I Was Engaged - Tamannah

Tue Jun 11 2019 15:45:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tamannah Bhatia entered the Industry at 15 years of age and today she crossed 30 but still is able to hold a fort for herself despite flops and hits.

She took risks with different subjects and also maintained a good record of hits to get the name, Milky Beauty.

She talked about the first gossip that she had to face as an youngster. She said, ''People believed that I was engaged for many years. I bought a ring with my first salary and gossip came out that I was engaged.

I actually came here to become an actress but I became an heroine. I took up more challenges than I could process at my age. Still, I am happy with where I am and gossips have become common about me.

Even my parents laugh when they read things about me. I'm committed to my work and had to learn a lot as I came too early in my life into such a profession.

I saw many Fridays going my way and so many that didn't. I am grateful for everything and would love to continue entertaining my fans and audiences. I'm wearing costliest costumes I ever wore in Sye Raa and it is exciting to work with many greats at the same time on the sets!''