Photostory: Ananya Flaunts Her Stunning Glamour!

Thu Nov 17 2022 19:12:22 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Alluring beauty Ananya Pandey is yet to gain the star heroine status in Bollywood but she definitely managed to gain a huge following among the youth with her staggering glamour show. The 23-year-old girl has over 24 million followers on Instagram and she often comes up with delightful clicks and videos which are surely hogging all the limelight.

She never hesitates to slip into skimpy outfits and frequently comes up with bikini clicks which raise the mercury levels on the internet. She has once again come up with a glamorous photoshoot where she is teasing youngsters with her titillating poses. The slim beauty indulged in mesmerizing skin show for the Lifestyle Asia India magazine photoshoot.

The 'Liger' girl definitely knows how to grab attention and doesn't leave the chance to flaunt her stunning body on social media. She often surprises people with her revealing outfits in parties, photoshoots, events, promotions and in movies too. Apart from her glamour, Ananya is also known for being the most trolled actress in the country.

The young lady often gets criticized and trolled on the internet for her acting skills. She often comes up with statements during interviews that go viral too. Every move of her gets trolled and speaking about them, Ananya once said, "I think it depends on the day. Obviously, on some days, I get very affected. And then some days, I'm not bothered. And that's normal, that's a human reaction that you would have. I've just realized that there's nothing better than to just keep working hard and making sure that my work speaks for itself. I just want to prove myself and I want people to like me as an actor."

Ananya's last film 'Liger' ended up being a huge disaster and her acting in the film was very bad. On top of that, Puri penned an over-the-top and unnatural role for her which did help her in any way. She became the subject of a lot of trolls for weeks before people moved on to other things. Currently, Ananya Pandey is working on 'Kho Gaye Hum Kahan' and 'Dream Girl 2'. Hope she improves her acting skills and starts impressing people soon.

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