Pihu Trailer: Leaves Everyone Stunned!

Sat Oct 27 2018 13:17:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Theatrical Trailer of 'Pihu' directed by Vinod Kapri is certainly going to leave everyone who watched it stunned. The film is about an adorable kid (played by Myra Vishwakarma) & what she goes through when nobody paid attention to her.

Some of the sequences involving the Baby Girl are spine chilling to say the least. She gets struck in the fridge, had to deal with fire and broken items. Sequence showing the girl crying for her Mom to wake up and lying on her body will make the viewers feel the pain. And the last scene where the Baby slips from the balcony sends shivers down the spine.

Most people might appreciate the attempt of Team 'Pihu' but won't dare to watch it. Who wants to see kids deal with such a horrifying situation?

'Pihu' is certainly going to bag a lot of awards. It's already been received well at the International Film Festivals. November 16th Release!