Photo Story: Pooja Hegde's New Vacation

Thu Aug 16 2018 12:10:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

These days actors are getting big checks that can accommodate their other interests like travelling and partying without any doubt.

We saw Mahesh not wasting a dime of time if he gets to be free to fly off to some place in the world with his family.

Seems like his habit rubbed off on his Maharishi co-star, Pooja Hegde too. The actress these days is looking to leave for a vacation whenever she gets time.

She flew to Goa recently and from there she shared this beautiful picture from Chipora Fort, Dil Chahta Hein location.

She just looks like walking angel wherever she goes and this one is no exception.

Doesn't she just look like a Queen watching her ruined palace to get lost in the view and the memories?