Poonam Kaur Declares War On 36 YouTube Channels

Thu Apr 18 2019 11:00:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Poonam Kaur lodged a complaint with Cyber Crime Department in Hyderabad again against the YouTube Channels for tarnishing her image with objectionable content. She complained that several doctored audio conversations of her speaking about Pawan Kalyan were circulated on the video sharing site. As many as 36 YouTube Channels were listed out by the Actress in her complaint.

Speaking to media, Poonam Kaur told: 'Postings against Me are politically motivated. I have no idea what would they gain by ruining a Woman's life. Whatever I went through in the past two years, That shouldn't have happened to any woman'.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime Wing) Raghuveer informed that a case was registered against the YouTube Channels based on the complaint given by Poonam Kaur. Further action will be taken after verifying the YouTube links and seeking legal opinion.

To defame Pawan Kalyan ahead of the elections, Several Doctored Audio Clips have been uploaded on YouTube Channels and the lady voice was projected as that of the Poonam Kaur. The Actress should have lodged the complaint weeks ago...Better Late Than Never!