Viral Video: Popular Singer Finds Indian Fan Backlash Due To Her Behavior

Sun Nov 17 2019 13:21:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Katy Perry is known as one of the most popular singing sensations in the World and she belongs to USA. People don't have to be reminded about her popularity and fame.

She entered India to the love and loud cheers of fans. She got warm hugs and met many celebrities before her performance with Dua Lipa.

But she left the country with several fans commenting her disrespect to acknowledge simple security request from Airport staff.

She chose to ignore the request of Airport security to show her passport before entering the International Airport and even after the repeated requests of security person, her staff also did not turn up with the documents.

They seem to have said that they should be allowed as fans hounding her. While that is true, the paparazzi video, made people comment that she was rude in not accepting simple security procedure of a foreign country which is not a huge deal to expect from her.

Before entering airport, all including celebrities have to show their passport and ticket to security their and if someone fails to do so, the security have right to detain them or deny them the entry, no matter whoever they are, for security concerns.

Well, she and her stuff should have just walked with their passports in hand and avoid all this drama. Look at the video and tell us, if she was rude, tired or ignorant.