Power Star Decides Not To Respond

Fri Jul 10 2020 10:43:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV has yet again impressed film lovers and film industry folks by finding new avenues to showcase films on OTT and people are enjoying his latest film 'Naked'. With back to back films and no censor content he is just taking the marketing to the next level!

Recently the ace Director Ram Gopal Varma revealed that he is all set to make a film titled 'Power Star' has his next. Now this maverick Director is said to have started the filming and is in plans to release the film on Power Star Pawan Kalyan's birthday September 02.

There is more time left for the release but RGV is just targeting Pawan Kalyan so that if he responds he can encash his craze for the film with his millions of fans. A close source to Pawan Kalyan has said that the star has seen all the stills and just laughed. Pawan is said to have decided not to respond to RGV and not let him give a chance for cheap publicity!

Considering the great wave he brought in films he is treated like a genius but his Twitter is full of sarcastic tweets and crazy statements making the mockery of cine actors and politicians. Still the director has craze among youth as the urban philosopher!