Powerstar Performed Three Times Less Than This Film?

Wed Aug 05 2020 13:51:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Focusing on earning some quick bucks in lockdown, sensational director Ram Gopal Varma is churning out multiple controversial films and releasing them on a pay-per-view model. So, far he released Climax, Naked, Powerstar and currently working on his upcoming films Murder and Allu.

Amid these back to back films, much hyped 'Powerstar' is said to have disappointed at the online box office. As per some insiders, Naked has made three times more than Powerstar at the online box office.

Well, the reason behind this is the bold content and sultry looks of actress Sree Rapaka have surely attracted many film lovers. As many youngsters are said to have paid the ticket price to catch up what RGV has really done in the adult content film.

On the other hand, Powerstar is a satire on none other than Pawan Kalyan and everyone knows very well what's inside the film. Besides, many have depended on other means than watching the paid version. All these made Powerstar to perform three times less than Naked.