Saaho Costs Prabhas Unbelievable Debt!?

Mon Sep 23 2019 13:47:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prabhas fans might be trying to project the movie, Saaho as a hit but the movie ended up as a disaster. Only Hindi version recovered money but in rest of the areas, it lost heavily.

For a group of financiers, Saaho producers owe 50 crores of money which they invested in Jaan and other Businesses while some of it is used for Saaho filming and post production.

This group gave the amount as Prabhas assured to be the grantor and signed on the documents too. He has to compensate for his amount to producers as per the trade sources.

As Vamsi and Pramod are friends of the actor, they came to an understanding to sell of a property and close the debt, it seems. So, Prabhas took the responsibility on his shoulders and will make sure that the amount is refunded to his friends as profits in next projects.

There will be heavy screening process before any script is okayed further as a film produced by UV Creations involving Prabhas, it seems.

The total amount with Interest compound is Rs. 78 crores and the makers are finalising the deals to pay off each paisa of it and  their investment in Jaan, won't be comprised because of this.

Gopikrishna Movies, owned by Prabhas's family members and UV Creations are producing the film. Their old deal will continue as far as movie production goes.

 Only changes in deals are with Prabhas and the actor wants all his next films to work big time or at least not be cost failures like Saaho, it seems.