Prabhas Fans Can't Wait For Saaho-The Game

Tue Aug 13 2019 20:19:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prabhas fans are unable to hold their excitement till the August month end. They want to watch Saaho, immediately but the big budget film will take time to release.

In the meantime, Saaho team promised to release a game, based on the movie theme and characters. They developed it and it is ready to for launch.

Producers, Vamsi and Pramod are highly confident that the game will be successful. They made a teaser for the game and it released on 13th August.

The game teaser showcased high quality gaming interface, visuals and weapons, jetpack special stunts.

In the movie, Prabhas uses jetpack, big weapons, fancy cars and motor bike for stunts, it seems. Sujeeth Sign and his team designed big enough action sequences that will excite even gamers, it seems.

Prabhas fans after watching the teaser are unable to wait for the game as it could give them movie watching experience and can give them an opportunity to be Prabhas in virtual world at least until they play the game.

So, they are eagerly awaiting for the release of this game too. The team seems to have developed special theme based on the movie theme for the game!