Prabhas To Give Bigger Compensation To Dil Raju!

Tue Sep 10 2019 12:49:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have been listening to heroes giving great importance to each one of their film and trying to find a way to compensate previous film losses, if any, and take profit sharing business forward to lessen the risk factors.

With each star hero getting more than 10-15 crores remuneration, their film budgets have been going up exponentially too.

Dil Raju after having to deal with losses for most of the time with big films, started asking heroes to at least give him dates as compensation.

Prabhas decided to give him two films to recover Saaho losses and also have a shot at entering Hindi film industry it seems.

Dil Raju helped UV Creations in releasing the film when a financial issue arised. For that 10 crores amount and as he lost solid 20-25 crores distributing Saaho in Nizam and UA areas, Prabhas decided to compensate in the above way, it seems.

Now, Dil Raju can join another producer in one film and take up entire production upon himself for the next one. It depends on his flexibility but Prabhas has given him his word, recently, say reports.