Prabhas's Salaar Starts A New Trend In Overseas Deals?

Fri Mar 24 2023 16:17:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Prabhas's stardom and popularity rose massively after the super success of Baahubali series. The tall hero became the first Pan-India star and all his films are being made on a Pan-India scale to cater to the larger audiences. He is having a few projects in his hand

Compared to the other projects, his Salaar is carrying high expectations.Prashanth Neel, who changed the level of Kannada film industry is directing the film. He is known for designing elevation scenes. On top of this, Prabhas has not done an out and out mass entertainer in recent times.

The much-awaited film would hit the theaters in September as the makers are busy with the film. Given the expectation the film is carrying it is said that Salaar's overseas deal was closed. The experts say that Salaar started a new trend in overseas deals.

Usually distributors follow two styles. One is to distribute the film and the second one is to buy the film for the concerned region. But Salaar is said to have started a new style that would not put a burden on either distributors or producers.

With the new deal, the distributors need not pay big amounts as advance. However, they have to put some amount as capital and take some commission. As the distributors and producers would know the business the film generates, they share money based on that. Producers get an amount based on the business.

It appears that both producers and distributors would not face any issues and losses. As the distributors won't pay huge amounts as advance they will be saved and they get some amount as commission.