Photo Story: No "Kanches" For This Glamour Doll

Sun Jan 19 2020 22:22:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kanche became an identity for Pragya Jaiswal but later, she couldn't convert that start into a brilliant career.

She tried to go glam route but success did not meet her and even luck factor somehow failed for her.

But the actress is looking to revive her career by catering to masses, as a glam doll. She is posting some post card worthy pictures from her trips and photoshoots.

The latest one is in a pink bikini and she just looks stunning in it. The actress seems to have all the glamour in the world and if one or two good chances, come her way, she may return back to her form as a heroine.

We hope she does. Anyways, for now let's enjoy the beauty of this picture.