Prakash Raj's Big Promise Ahead Of MAA Elections

Mon Sep 13 2021 13:54:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

The much-awaited MAA elections are set to be held on the 10th of October and the stage is set for the same. Manchu Vishnu and Prakash Raj, who are going head to head in the MAA presidential elections are busy coordinating with their respective panels. Both Prakash Raj, and Vishnu have started actively campaigning for their respective panels. Vishnu has already caught the attention of MAA members by saying that he has finalized three plots for the construction of MAA building. He vowed to take up the building construction works soon after he is elected as MAA president,

Cut to now, Prakash Raj has come up with a big promise in a bid to lure MAA members. Incidentally, Prakash Raj called for a meeting with MAA members yesterday and discussed several interesting topics. In his speech, Prakash Raj said he would be donating a whopping sum of Rs 10 crores to the MAA corpus fund if he is elected as MAA president. This is the biggest promise he has made ahead of the MAA elections. This comment caught the attention of the attendees and it has now become a hot topic in Telugu film circles, given the size of the donation promised by Prakash Raj.

"A leader isn't an individual who works with 26 members, but a person who leads 200 members from the front. I want to be one such leader and am ready to put in my best efforts for the same," Prakash Raj said while speaking in the meeting.

Incidentally, Bandla Ganesh, who was once an integral member of Prakash Raj's panel has distanced himself and is currently contesting for MAA general secretary position as an independent candidate. He recently breathed fire on Prakash Raj for holding a lunch meeting with many people amidst the Covid situation. Prakash Raj came up with a strong reply to the same. "Many political parties have mobilized huge crowds for their campaigns. Why didn't Bandla Ganesh speak about all of them? Why is he only talking about our meeting now? Moreover, we followed all the necessary Covid guidelines while taking part in the meeting," he said.